Friday, September 12, 2014

Day 25: Snug Bug Weekend


I'm not what you would call a physically affectionate person; it's just not the way I was raised. You don't see me hanging off of my friends and it's pretty unlikely that you'll see me touch someone's arm during a conversation. I hug only my closest friends (when I remember to) unless there is something big happening.

Aaaand then there is Danny. Apparently I am a touch person, but with only one source! When I met him, I discovered that I love snuggles. I am constantly on the lookout for an opportunity to burrow my way into his side (he protests a lot but I usually win).

Day 25 

After several days apart, Danny and I are back together today. And, like a barnacle, I have been attached to his side. Thank goodness for snuggles and the weekend!

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