Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I probably should have known

As the one-month gap between my posts might suggest, I am not really good at restrictions when it comes to expression. I probably should have known that doing a daily blog was not a good fit for the way my mind works. Formatted pictures? Daily posts that have to follow the same pattern? Commitment?! RUN! FLEE! HIDE!

However, I wanted to say that starting this blog really sparked a good thing in my life. Having to find at least one thing in the day that I was grateful for helped to move my mind into that track. There have been so many days this past month that I have stopped and thought, "I am really grateful for these belly laughs" or "I am so grateful for that conversation" or "I am so thankful that we got to spend the day this way."

This is sort of a goodbye, but more like a "stay tuned." I actually have a more permanent blog in mind and have just been waiting for the time to create and launch it. It'll be a blog where I don't have to format pictures every day and where I can talk about the subject matter that really weighs on my mind. There are so many things I want to explore and share, and this type of format just wasn't the place for it.

I will end my second-last Map to Joy post with the things I am grateful for today:

1) English friends who bring chocolate-mint "biscuits" to work. (How can you refuse a chocolate-covered anything when it is offered with a lovely accent like that?)

2) Friends who make me laugh.

3) The readers of this blog - you guys are incredibly supportive! I got more positive feedback from this blog than any of the others I have published. It really means a lot when you are baring your soul, so to speak, to know that people are reading and want to open a dialogue about it.

I will be back in the next few weeks to tell you about my new blog, so stay tuned!

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