Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Days 30-34: I'm Still Here!

Days 30-34

I took a few days off from the blog to enjoy some time with Danny. Work took him on the road for almost two weeks straight and I was in sore need of some quality hubby time! I was thinking about thankfulness even without stopping in here; the great thing about this blog is that I now search through my days to find things to be thankful for. So here goes...

A Step in the Right Direction
We ordered Haven's headstone back in May and were told over and over again that it would be ready...soon. Well, it was finally installed last week and we went to visit our girly. It was hard to see it there; I guess making it "official" made it all seem more real, but I think that it will help bring a bit of closure too. I am so thankful that we were able to

I can't talk about the stone without also being thankful for all of the people who gave to us financially in the wake of Haven's death (they also gave to us in many other ways too that were and are appreciated!) Sadly, insurance companies do not recognize stillborn babies and do not provide for funeral costs, even though the costs are exactly the same as for a baby who happened to live for an hour outside the womb. Our friends, coworkers, family members, and even strangers reached out and gave to us, and it is only because of this financial generosity that we were able to afford Haven's beautiful funeral service and headstone. We are so, so, so grateful for the love our little family was shown when we were at our lowest. I am also grateful for the friends who spearheaded and organized the giving - it was such an incredibly thoughtful thing to do and it means the world to us (you guys know who you are).

Finally laying our little one to rest properly is a step in the right direction.

Impromptu Road Trip
One of our favourite things to do is to head out on the road and explore different parts of the island. We have been doing it every summer since I moved here back in 2007. Somehow, between Danny starting a new job this summer and me returning to work in June, we never had a chance to go out and explore anything. We spontaneously decided to head out to Flatrock for a little day adventure on Sunday, and I was so glad we did. It is a gorgeous, peaceful little spot. Next time, I will bring a picnic! A day out with Danny was just what I needed. The fresh air, beautiful scenery, and sunlight didn't hurt either!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! That last pic of you and Danny is probably one of my favourite pics of you two! I've never been to Flatrock but this makes me want to pay a visit.

    Also, I'm very glad people came together to help you guys put Haven to rest with the respect and love that you all deserved. You guys are an amazing little family and deserve mountains of love and support during this time!


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