Sunday, August 31, 2014

Day 15: Chatterbox

When I was younger, I suffered terrible social anxiety. I couldn't look people in the eye and I would often tremble and sweat as I stood in a group of people. Sometimes, after spending time in a group, I would go home and cry from the exertion it took to keep myself together long enough to appear normal.

Thankfully, the right combination of jobs and friends (and a whole lot of concentrated effort) brought me to the place I am now, where my social anxiety is much lessened and I can generally talk to anyone without feeling it much.

This all came to mind the last few days as we said goodbye to a couple with whom we had built a friendship this spring (they moved to another province). In the past, I never would have put in the effort to get to know someone new because I found it so difficult. I also thought of this last night as I got to know a gal from our church who I hadn't spoken with before. It just wouldn't have happened before. I had so much fun laughing with her!

Day 15

I am grateful for the series of circumstances that brought me to where I am today with regard to my ability to be social. I can't imagine how much I was missing out on before! The world is full of amazing, funny, generous people. 

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